BedPop organizes interesting events in empty spaces for ordinary people

Have you ever wanted to do something with your spare time but there was no space available? Well, BedPop is the answer to all your problems. This startup organizes events in empty spaces for ordinary people like you and me.

BedPop has been able to find creative solutions to bridge the gap between artists and venues. It has also created a way for ordinary people to experience a variety of new things that they might not have had access before.

Pop up shops, pop up events, and pop up everything are the newest trend in today’s retail industry.

Pop up shops and events are a way to bring more economic stimulation to a community. They distract people from their everyday lives and they allow them to experience something new in an otherwise mundane space.

BedPop is an organization that specializes in finding and organizing events in empty spaces.

Bedpop is a non-profit urban innovation platform that activates vacant spaces to make them as lively, communal, diverse and exciting as possible by providing a platform for people to create pop-up events under the Bedpop brand.

Bedpop has organized over 300 pop-up events across the country in empty or underutilized spaces from cinemas to art galleries.

An event for people of all ages

A pop-up event is a temporary installation, often found in vacant spaces or extended storefronts that can be used for different purposes such as art exhibitions and small scale concerts. These events are mainly organized by young, creative entrepreneurs looking to show their work but are also a great way for organizations to promote themselves without having to invest in permanent structures.

Pop-up shops have become one of the most popular temporary retail formats around the world and now more than ever they are not just limited to fashion companies. Pop up shops are now a major component of many brands’ marketing strategy, with the main purpose being not only generating profit through sales but also gaining customer insights, engaging with customers and finding partners.

One of the best ways to get to know a city is by exploring what it has in offer. An event for all the ages, where you can find something for everyone – from a reading group for kids to a record shop.

A pop up store is one way of bringing culture and arts into cities. They come and go in an instant, but they often have the most delicious food and the coolest clothes.

A pop up cinema is another way you can rediscover your favourite films or just find new ones that you’ve never heard of before.

Visiting an art gallery or cinema are two great ways to unwind after work, but there are plenty more people of all ages doing similar things – from musical performances to theatres, orchestral concerts and more besides – on any.

In recent years, pop up shops have been popping up all over the world. They are not just for shopping; they can be found in art centers, cinemas, theatres and reading groups for kids. The pop up shops are a part of a larger trend of making spaces more accessible to the public with events that bring people of all ages together to interact with each other and some of their favourite activities.

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