Meet our music headliners – The Scruff

Headliners the Scruff give us the lowdown on Bedford, their favourite festival foodstuffs and the perfect pub crawl…

How long have the Scruff been on the Bedford music scene?
Adam James Urwin: We don’t get to play in Bedford as much as we’d like these days but I fondly remember a time four years ago when it wouldn’t be uncommon to catch ourselves, The Wholls and a certain Tom Grennan on the same bill in our hometown. That’s when I’d say we were really a part of the ‘scene’.
Jack Brown: I went to watch them a few times before I joined and then ended up stuck with them!
Sam Maelzer: For now…

What’s been your best festival experience so far? To perform and as an audience member?
Sam: For me, the best ones we’ve performed at are probably Isle of Wight or Reading but the best one to attend is Bedford River Festival!
Adam: Yeah, Reading Festival is a highlight for me but as an audience member the River Festival always delivers! Had a great time watching bands at Truck Festival last year as well.
Jack: Having happy birthday sung by the crowd to me at Truck Festival was a personal highlight.

What’s your favourite festival food?
Sam: Chips always go down well cos you can’t really get them wrong. Chicken George is probably the best food truck I’ve visited at festivals. [Luckily, Chicken George will be at Taste this year! – Ed]
Adam: I love a good festival pizza! Plenty of variety as well.
Jack: I had a burrito from Cantita Carnitas at Sandon Fields last year… Incredible.

Favourite place in Bedford to go for food? Fry up? Brunch? Dinner? Doner?
Sam: I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s on Tavistock Street… I’m sure Jack will say the same, he’s a regular.
Jack: It’s Charcoal Grill!
Adam: I’ve got a soft spot for the Cappuccino Bar on Newnham Street! Proper good value for money and the menu is massive! Can’t knock a cheeky late-night Mario’s on the high street either!

Pre-performance snack?
Sam: Anything I can get my hands on! Something close to the venue and warm.
Adam: Pre-performance I’m more into the liquid diet. I save the feasting for post-performance and it’s usually just whatever is closest and easiest to be honest.

Where would you include on a Bedford pub crawl?
Sam: Only one place to end up and that’s Esquires! Probably hit up Bears & Tales before at some point.
Adam: I quite like the pubs that aren’t on the High St. Places like the Three cups, The Castle and The Ship are all nice alternatives to the busy chain venues you’ll find in the centre.
Jack: The bar at Esquires is the perfect place to stop on a pub crawl, always something going on and the best place to catch live music for free!

What’s Bedford’s hidden gem? The thing that all visitors should check out?
Sam: I don’t really know. If you find out, let me know.
Adam: I always loved a visit to Noble Rot on Tavistock Street. Definitely what I’d call a hidden gem!

See you at The Bandstand, Mill Meadows on Bedford’s Embankment on July 13th 2019.