60 Seconds with Bake Off’s Howard Middleton

We’re delighted to welcome The Great British Bake Off’s Howard Middleton to the Taste Bedford Food Theatre. Promoting his book Delicious Gluten-Free Baking, and telling behind the scenes tales, things never quite go to plan when Howard’s cooking. Team Taste’s Anne Harnan spent 60 seconds with Howard:

Jammy dodgers or dodgem cars?
Oh, as a child I had a nasty accident in a dodgem car. I don’t even drive now! I’m much safer with a jammy dodger.

 Mr Kipling or Rudyard Kipling?
I have to confess that I don’t have a sweet tooth and I can’t abide anything with a layer of icing. Sorry Mr Kipling! Strange but true – I recently discovered that my grandfather used to garden for Rudyard Kipling!

 Choux buns or new shoes?
I can easily make a batch of choux buns whenever I like but new shoes are my real passion.

 Gingerbread or whisky and ginger?
I’m not a big whisky drinker so it would have to be gingerbread. You’d get a different answer if you offered gin.

 Fruit bowl or fruit cake?
 I’m happy with either. And both of them with a nice piece of cheese!

Read more about Howard in the interview in the BedPop Taste magazine that will be out soon!

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